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This Month Special
This Month Special
  1. Enroll now and get FREE Suzuki book vol. 1, 2 or 3 for violin, piano or guitar

  2. Enrol now for an entire year with advanced payment for one hour/week lessons and get a FREE new violin, guitar or practicing keyboard + book or get 10% discount for less time + free book.
Lessons Price
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The following rates are effective September 1, 2009

Location One - Music Explorium

Weekly Lesson
Montly Tuition

Location Two - Creedmore

Weekly Lesson
Montly Tuition

Despite the day of the week you chose, you will have 43 (or more) lessons and 3 free make-ups (if appliable) per year.
  • Mondays = 44 Lessons/Year + 3 Make-ups
  • Tuesdays = 45 Lessons/Year + 3 Make-ups
  • Wednesdays = 46 Lessons/Year + 3 Make-ups
  • Thursdays = 44 Lessons/Year + 3 Make-ups
  • Fridays = 44 Lessons/Year + 3 Make-ups
  • Saturdays = 45 Lessons/Year + 3 Make-ups
The following PlayMusicNow policies are effective in September 1, 2009.


In order to guarantee a student's place in the schedule, monthly tuition must be received in the first week of each month. The monthly fee never varies.  All seven days of the week have the same number of lessons for the year.  Checks should be written to your instructor.

Student Absence

Each student will be offered three make-up classes per calendar year.  These classes will take place at the student's normally scheduled time during make-up week only.
Make up week 1
Oct. 24 - Oct. 28
Make up week 2
Feb. 20 - Feb. 24
Make up week 3
Jun. 25 - Jun. 29

Instructor Absence

In the event of an instructor's absence the scheduled class will be taught by a qualified substitute instructor.
Common Questions and Answers
Q1. What happens if I miss a lesson?

A1. PlayMusicNow has built in three make-up weeks that are spread across the year- one per trimester. Should a student miss a lesson, it can be made up at the regular lesson time during the next make-up week.

Q2. What if I miss more than one lesson during the trimester?

A2. Unfortunately due to schedule constraints, we can only offer one make-up lesson per trimester.

Q3. Can I reschedule my lesson if I can't make it at my scheduled time?

A3. With all the lessons on the schedule that instructors are required to teach it is impossible to rearrange the schedule to accommodate missed lessons. The three make-up weeks built into the schedule allow for three missed lessons a year to be made up.

Q4. Why is tuition the same amount every month though some months have different numbers of lessons?

The tuition is the same amount each month because you are actually paying for a program with costs averaged across the year. This allows the inclusion of holidays and make-up weeks into the PlayMusicNow calendar without different tuition amounts for different months. No matter which day of the week you take lessons there are 43 lessons and 3 FREE make-up lessons per year.
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